How to Plant Longan

Restoring longan tree is the key to a success of the flowering and fruitage in the following season.

How to Plant Durian

Nourishing durian tree since it is young is the most important step. The leaf is produced to accumulate nutrients to nourish flowers and fruits for the quality product.

How to Plant Orange

Difficulties in nutrients management, usage rate and appropriate usage period. Understanding of the possible side-effects.

How to Plant Mango

Flowering mango flower bud is the most important step. The perfect leaf before flowering and minimizing the imperfect mango fruit.

Because We Are the Best

International Production Standard

Import and produce the agricultural chemical products and plat supplement from the leading international manufacturers with the state-of-art technology to produce the international standard products.

Excellent Service

Logistics strategy focuses on the punctual delivery with zero damage. The customer should receive the excellent service from the delivery staff

54 Years of Experience

Valuable knowledge and accumulated experience from generation to generation for the finest products.

Good Partner

Knowledgeable and experienced staff who are willing to develop themselves to provide the excellent service and advices on plantation.

For Sustainable Production

Agriculturists have the quality products and the best expert price from our advices on the agricultural problems by using the proper products at the appropriate usage rate.

For the Efficiency and Eco-Friendly

We care about all production processes and inspect the quality and packages before importing to ensure the safety of everyone for the best products.

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Experience from orchard farmers

Khun Pitak Tiwa, Orange orchard
T. Mae Sin, A. Srisatchanalai, Sukhothai
Used Amarith during the orange budding period and had the over-expected result. Amarith accelerated flower budding and perfect flowers.
EedLuechai, A. Khlung, Chantaburi
EedLuechai, A. Khlung, Chantaburi “I have the durian orchard in Chantaburi Province. I had a problem with Phytophthora that destroyed the fruits so the price was very low. After using Thep Watana products, the disease outbreak decreased so I sold the fruits at the satisfied price and exported durian as planned.
Khun Somkid, a former Chairman of Tak Longan Cooperatives
The agriculturist who grows longan in Tak used Thep Watana products to resolve the problem of longan budding during flowering period. The leaf became green uniformly and he was able to get through the crisis. Currently, the flowers are blooming entirely.
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