Durian Disease: Pink Disease

Entomopathogenic Fungi: Corticium salmonicolor

Entomopathogenic Fungi is on the branch and trunk which makes them, and the bark decay. With high rainfall and humidity, fungi grow rapidly which can be evidenced by the newly expanding pink fiber. Leaving it unattended, the leaf falls and the branch remains. The epiphytotic is normally in this stage, which is spreading and destroying the plant tissue severely. Consequently, the tree deteriorates and dies. A thick canopy shape accelerates the rapid epiphytotic. Moreover, the white pink fiber at the scar probably changes to brown color. Similarly, leaving it unattended causes the leaf falls and the tree dies eventually. In this case, it might be other fungi that ruin the tree earlier.

Prevention and Elimination

  • Prune and burn the disease branch. Paint the scar with Nordox Super 100 g. per 1 ltr. of
  • Spraying Nordox Super 100-200 g. regularly helps to prevent pink disease. Spraying Nordox Super with other substance also prevents other fungi inclusively.
  • Wrap the fiber with Vitawax (kills all fiber fungi) 200 g.
  • Spraying Tabox 300 cc. and Dumark 400 cc. at the tree suspecting the pink disease.

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