Durian Pest: Durian Shot-hole Borer (Xyleborus fornicates: Eichhoff)

Scientific Name: Xyleborus fornicatus (Eichhoff)

The grub and the mature durian shot-hole borer pierces through the trunk and bough of durian tree. It is mostly found at the bole and bough of the tree with root rot disease. At the porous bole of the destroyed durian tree, there is a worm dung scattering around. Such hole made by the durian shot-hole borer causes the root rot disease and spreads it to other parts of the tree, which makes it dies in the end.

Prevention and Elimination
1. Spray the destroyed bole or bough with Acme 300-400cc. or Ozophryne 300cc.

2. Mix Acme 100cc. or Ozophryne100 cc. with one ltr. of water to paint on the mark caused by the root rot disease.

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