Durian Pest: Jack Beardsley Mealybug, Melon Thrips, Scales Insect

Jack Beardsley Mealybug ruins durian by sucking the nutrients from every part, especially the fruit. As a result, the fruit is small and dwarfed. Moreover, Jack Beardsley Mealybug excretes the juice for ants, which brings Jack Beardsley Mealybug to the fruit and causes the kernel smut that makes the fruit looks dirty and gets low price.

Melon Thrips produces the white fabric to cover the branch and sucks the nutrient delivering to that branch until it dies.

Scales Insect looks like a small white rice grain attached to the leaf in cluster. It sucks the nutrient from the leaf so it becomes yellow and fall. Its skin is the multi-layer fat so the assimilation substance is required for the prevention.

Prevention and Elimination

  • Use Ampel 100 g. (usage rate is per 200 ltr. of water).

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