Longan Pest: Castor Semi-looper

Longan Pest

  • Castor Semi-looper – Scientific Name: Pelagodes falsaria Prout
  • Caterpillar – Scientific Name: Achaea janata L.

is wildly contagious during the blooming period. The worm eats the outer bud or flower, especially inside the inflorescence. The infestation is severe. The worm spins a web to bind the inflorescence so the flower does not bloom and produce the fruit. It will finally fall off.

Prevention and Elimination

1. Use The Next 100-150 g. or Phyretoxa (spray through the flower without killing bees) 200 cc., or Bactospin FC 600-800 cc. (no toxic residue) (usage rate is per 200 ltr. of water).
(ปลอดภัยไร้พิษตกค้าง) อัตราการใช้ 600-800 ซีซี. (อัตราการใช้ที่แนะนำต่อน้ำ 200 ลิตร)


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