Longan Pest: Longan Fruit-Borer

Longan-Flower Borer widely spreads during the flowering period. The worm eats inside the bud, especially in the inflorescence. The destruction is severe as it withers the flowers and stops fruitage


Longan Fruit-Borer Scientific Name: Deudorix epijarbas Moore

The worm ruins the young and mature longan fruit by eating the flesh and seed and only a peel remains. Then, it lives as a pupa in the fruit. It is noticeable by a big round hole on the fruit.

Prevention and Elimination

1. Use Nordox 100-150 g. or Phyretoxa (spray through the flower without killing bees) 200 cc., or Bactospin FC 600-800 cc. (no toxic residue) (usage rate is per 200 ltr. of water).

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