1. Pomelo tree restoration

To do the efficient pruning for photosynthesis and production of flower and fruitage, the bad boughs should be eliminated so all the treetop expose to sunlight for photosynthesis. Moreover, washing the tree is to eliminate insects and algae accumulated in the tree such as thrips, red mite and woodborer, fungi disease which leaves the green and white mark on the bough and trunk and causes the soft bark which allows the insect to lay the eggs.


  • Mix 200 ltr. of water with Nordox Super* 100-200 g., Chlorcyrin 550 300-500 cc. and Hybrid SB 100 cc. to wash the tree (to prevent insects and diseases).

*Note Nordox is mercurochrome to heal the wound and prevent infection

2. Nutrients accumulation

Nutrients giving through the leaf are the nutrients that pomelo needs for producing the dark green leaf to prepare for the leaf texture construction. After the medium-old leaf stage, chlorophyll production is less so there are more yellow-tipped leaves. To stimulate all the dark green leaves as a set to prevent the leaflet allows the tree to accumulate the nutrient for producing the whole set of flowers. Leaflet budding should be ceased at least 15 days before starting flower budding in order to control the hormone level. Too much rain will keep the leaflet blooming so it should be ceased at least 1-2 times.


  • Spray the leaf from the leaflet phase to the mature phase (at least 2-3 times every 10 days).
  • Mix Grogreen 24-10-10 300 g., Mommoth Combi 200 cc., Mommoth Fong Do 200 cc., and Mommoth Sugar Express 200 cc. to spray on the leaf from the leaflet phase to mature phase at least 2-3 times, every 10 days.
  • Mix Mommoth Supreme 0-28-18 200 cc. with Mommoth Calcium Magnesium 200 cc. to spray the tree 1-2 times every 10 days to accelerate the dark green and glossy leaf to prepare for flower bud).
  • Mommoth Halt 200 cc. to spray 1-2 times to cease the leaflet and fasten the mature leaf in case of the increasing leaflet.

3. Flower budding

After producing the leaf, it is the step of flower budding. In some regions, the water is blocked up for a while or the leaflet is ceased during the blooming and fruitage phase. Due to the high numbers of blooming flowers, they need the high sufficient amount of same nutrients and organic substance otherwise the fully blooming flower will fall. Therefore, giving nutrients before and after blooming is fundamental for the good fruitage.


  • Spray Mommoth Fong Do 200 cc and Mommoth Sugar Express 200 cc. 2-3 times every 5 days to produce the big lots of flowers.
  • Spray Mommoth Calcium Boron 200 cc., Mommoth Folizyme 200 cc. and Ergostim 100 cc. on the leaf before and after flower blooming for the good fruitage and low fall rate.

4. Nourishing young fruit and seed, upsize the fruit

The perfect young fruit will result in the large fruit with low rate of yellow and flat fruit. The small and undeveloped seed will obstruct the full growth of fruit so the soil nutrients are required. To upsize the fruit when the seed obviously grows will give the fast production of flesh and peel.


  • Mommoth Folizyme GA 200 cc., Mommoth Calcium Magnesium 200 cc. and Grogreen 16-9-22 300 g. (to spray during the young fruit phase).
  • 1 kg. of Perlka per one tree and 500 g. of Utah 10 per one tree (by soil).
  • UMP 300 g., Mommoth Folizyme GA 200 c. and Mommoth Calcium Magnesium 200 cc. (to spray twice every 10 days to upsize the fruit).
  • Supreme 0-0-30 200 cc. and Mommoth Calcium Boron 200 cc. (to spray 1-2 times, every 10 days before harvest for sweet pomelo).

5. Fruit

In order to have the firm peel, nice shape and sweet taste, nutrients should be given though the leaf before harvest.


  • Mommoth Calcium Boron 200 cc. and Supreme 200 cc. (to spray on the leaf 1-2 times, every 10 days before harvest).