Thep Watana Co., Ltd. was established in 1965. During the past 54 years, the import and export of agricultural chemical products from the leading international manufacturers, who have a legal import and distribution license, constructs our business growth constantly.

We truly hope to become a leader of plant supplements with the standard production and the state-of-art technology to introduce and produce the international standard products.

International Production Standard

Quality products and the standard production are very significant. Prior to the import, all packages and quality are inspected by the scientific laboratory, as well as the safe and proper chemicals storage and destruction to ensure that the customers receive the quality, lawful and eco-friendly products.

Develop Personnel and Jobs with International Standard

Excellent Service

Having a warehouse nearby the production line to facilitate the import and export is our logistics strategy. We focus on a punctual delivery and zero damage from delivery. The customer will have an excellent service from our delivery staff.

Good Partner

Thep Watana Co., Ltd. has gained the trust from Thai agriculturist for 5 decades to use our products to prevent and maximize the agricultural productivity. We give a priority to the academic service by our knowledgeable and experienced staff who are developing themselves to give the efficient service and advices on plantation.

For Sustainable Products

We apply the academic knowledge to assist the agriculturists and focus on providing knowledge and guidelines for the accurate use of agricultural chemical products at the proper rate for the highest benefits and the good products to fulfill the market demand and the agriculturist satisfaction.