1. Tree restoration and new leaf production

After harvest, pruning should be done to get rid of the unhealthy boughs to allow the treetop to get sunlight fully and photosynthesize efficiently.

Restoring mangosteen tree is the key to the successful of flowering and fruitage in the following season. The fast restoration reduces the trunk deterioration, dead root and soil drenching increases flowers.


  • Mix 200 ltr. of water with Mommoth Combi 200 cc., Leo 200 cc. and Amarith 200 cc. to spray over the canopy after harvest 2-3 times before leaflet budding.
  • By soil: Add fertilizer 16-16-16 1-2 kg. per one tree and scatter Full House 100-300 g. per one tree for the new rootlets emergence.

2. บ่มใบสะสมอาหาร

The first set of leaflets is “the leaf of new life” because it photosynthesizes to nourish other parts of the tree.

Having the first set of leaflets at the same time allows the second and third set of leaflets to grow at the same time as well. The first set takes 60 days to become mature leaves in order to synthesize chlorophyll. The nourishment focuses on the thick and green leaf that endures sunlight.


  • Accelerate the first set of leaf by using Leo 300 cc. and Mommoth Sugar Express 200 cc. per 200 ltr. of water
  • Hasten the thick and green leaf by using Mommoth Calcium Magnesium 200 cc. with Leo 300 cc. per 200 ltr. of water

3. Flowers budding

The second set is to prepare the photosynthesis to feed the trunk and produce flowers. When the first set of leaves


  • To produce the second set of leaves simultaneously, use Leo 300 cc. with Mommoth Sugar Express 200 cc. per 200 ltr. of water.

4. Nourish young fruit and upsize the fruit

Nutrient accumulation phase is when the leaves are medium-old. This is the last phase before receiving the substance to produce flower. All the leaves should be dark green.

Accumulation preparation

  • By soil: Give fertilizer 8-24-24 to accumulate soil nutrient and for good root.
  • By leaf: Spray with Mommoth Supreme 0-28-18 to minimize nitrogen to produce the new leaf, accumulate sugar to produce flower, and Mommoth Calcium Magnesium to produce pigment and perfect leaf.

In case of unexpected leaflet budding, accelerate the leaf to become mature by using Mommoth Supreme 0-24-24 with Mommoth Halt to have the leaf simultaneously.