1. Tree and leaf restoration after harvest

After harvest, pruning should be done to get rid of the unhealthy boughs to allow the treetop to get sunlight fully and photosynthesize efficiently.

Preparing the Rambutan tree in the perfect condition will support the efficient emergence of root and leaves.

Planting small seedling but fast fruitage

Rambutan is a catch crop to plant with durian since it bears fruit slowly. Therefore, the Rambutan tree is small with few leaves but requires more flowers and fruits. For this reason, at least 3 sets of leaves with 20 leaves at the minimum should be produced to photosynthesize otherwise the existing leaves should maintain the greenness until the harvest season.


  • By leaf: Use Mommoth Calcium Magnesium with Utah 10 by soil to maintain the leaf greenness from the blooming period to the harvest season.

2. Nutrient accumulation – leaf production

The first set of leaves is crucial because it photosynthesizes and delivers sugar to the root before delivering to accumulate at the leaves. Thus, the first set of leaves is the foundation of the following sets. The first set takes 45-60 days to fully bloom and have dark green color.

The second set of leaves accumulate nutrients to produce the flowers and feed the fruit. When the second set blooms as the medium-old leaves, supply the fertilizer and nutrients through the leaf to produce the dark green leaves.

Cease the young apex and accelerate the leaf to bloom the flower bud. Control the leaves to become mature without the leaflet for 25-50 days by stop watering so the leaf bud transforms to flower bud. However, if it rains, spray the nutrients to cease the apex to.

Problem with Blast disease

It generally happens after the Rambutan fruits are collected. Blast disease occurs when the leaf loses magnesium from the collected fruit. Spray the leaf with Mommoth Calcium Magnesium or Utah 10 or Mozart Charge by soil.


  • Mix Mommoth Calcium Magnesium and Mommoth Supreme 0-28-18 to spray the leaf 1-2 times, every 10 days for green leaf.
  • By soil: Add fertilizer 8-24-24 so the root absorbs it to accumulate at the leaf.
  • Spray Mommoth Halt and Mommoth Supreme 0-28-18 to cease the apex.

3. Flower budding and fading

After controlling the leaf to become mature for 25-50 days in order to transform the leaf bud to flower bud, stimulate the flower bud to bloom at the same time by spraying the nutrients. After the flower bud blooms for 5-7 days, observe the bud if there are more buds or not. Then, give the flower nourishing set for the better pollination. Feed amino and Calcium boron to help on fruitage.


  • Spray Mommoth Fong Do 200 cc. and Mommoth Sugar Express 200 cc. to the leaf 3 times, every 5 days in order to have the flowers at the same time.
  • Spray Mommoth Calcium Boron 200 cc. and Ergostim 200 cc. for efficient fruitage and preventing the fall.

Problem with flowers and leaves mixing

This is the common problem occurs with the tree receiving insufficient sunlight and water, and having high nitrogen in the leaf. Moreover, the other causes are the heavy rain which leads to the inefficient water storing, the insufficient sunlight for sugar accumulation, which results in the catch leaf with flower, or flower bud while flowering. The solution is to add liquid potassium phosphate by the leaf. Add sugar by leaf to transform the leaf bud to the flower bud with Mommoth Halt and Mommoth Supreme 0-28-18 and Mommoth Sugar Express twice, every 5 days.

4. Nourish young fruit

Cracked fruit is the most terrible products resulted from the heavy rain. Good water management to avoid the lack of water more than 3-5 days during the fruitage phase will prevent too much water absorption to the fruit during off-season rain.

Apart from good water management, internal nutrients management is also significant. Increasing nutrients would reduce the loss since the Rambutan has a thick and tough peel to control the juice and accumulate sugar to produce flesh. Moreover, to enhance the efficiency of the fruit stem.


  • Mix Mommoth Boron 200 cc. with Mommoth Folizyme GA 200 cc. and spray.

5. Upsize before harvest

Some collected Rambutan fruits have thin and tough flesh. When peeling, the internal peel has the uneven texture which indicates that it lacks of calcium boron during the flesh and peel production stage.

The following 5 fundamental factors should be considered in order to upsize the Rambutan fruit.

  1. The fruit should be from the same set.
  2. The fruit bunch contains 30-35 fruits per bunch, not exceeding leaf capacity.
  3. Fruit stem should function with high efficiency to deliver sugar to all fruits.
  4. Peel contains sufficient calcium boron to prevent cracked peel because the peel should be tough and be able to control water.
  5. Prevent powdery mildew efficiently otherwise the fruit would have scar. When upsize the fruit, the peel cannot stretch so the fruit cracks.


  • By leaf: Mix Mommoth Calcium Boron 200 cc. with Mommoth Polizyme GA 200 cc. and UMP 300 g. and spray every 7-10 days.
  • By soil: Add fertilizer 12-12-17 or 15-5-20 or 13-13-21 1-2 kg. per one tree with fertilizer 15-0-0 500 g. per one tree.