Longan Pest: Longan Stink Bug

Scientific Name: Tessaratoma papaillosa Drury

It has the large mass with a drilling mouth. The caterpillar and the mature longan stink bug ruin the longan tree by sucking from the bud, young leaf, flowers, and young fruit. Consequently, the bud and young leaf dry and the flower is ruined and falls. The mature one hides under the tree until it starts flowering.

The epiphytotic is generally found during the flowering and fruitage stage. At the end of the stomach on the side of the longan stink bug, there is a toxin extraction gland. When it is disturbed, it releases the toxin which causes the burning pain immediately after exposure. The toxic liquid releasing from the stink bug makes the longan peel turns black.

Prevention and Elimination

  • Ampel 100 g. or Phyretoxa (spray through the flower without killing bees) 200 cc. (usage rate is per 200 ltr. of water).

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