Durian Pest: Leafhoppers and Durian Psyllid

Durian Pest: Leafhoppers

Scientific Name: Amrasca durianae Hongsaprug

The grub and mature one suck the nutrients from the bud and young leaf so it is burnt and dried. The leaf will be crooked and finally fall. It affects the flowering and fruitage. Leafhopper moves quickly on the leaf which is difficult to notice. The epiphytotic is severe during the leaflet budding period.

Durian Pest: Durian Psyllid

Scientific Name: Allocaridala malayensis (D.L. Crawford)

The grub and mature one suck the nutrients from the bud, so the leaf is crooked and finally falls. The grub produces the white grease to cover its body and leave it on the leaf. Therefore, the agriculturist calls it durian psyllid. The mature durian psyllid looks like a small cicada with long whisker. It does not have white grease. The epiphytotic is during the leaflet budding.

Prevention and Elimination

1. Use Ampel 100 g. or Acme 300-400 cc (usage rate is per 200 ltr. of water).

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