Durian Disease: Leaf Disease

Entomopathogenic: Rhizoctonia solani

Entomopathogenic Fungi in the soil ruin the leaf near the ground surface first and spread to the nearby leaf and branch by wind and rain. It widely spreads during rainy season and in the unattended garden. The destroyed leaf will have burning mark, be dried and stick together by fungus fiber. The diseased leaf is fried and falls under the tree, which is the source of pathogen and ready to ruin the tree in the following season.

Prevention and Elimination

  • Spray Nordox Super 200 g. or Vitawax 200 g. or Latone 200 cc.
  • In the event of infected leaf falls under the canopy, collect and burn it as the fungi can be alive over the season in the proper condition. Therefore, it might be inflected in the following season.

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