Longan Disease: Downy mildew, Fruit Rot Disease

Longan Disease: Downy mildew, Fruit Rot Disease

Entomopathogenic Fungi: Phytophthora capsici Leonian or Blast Disease from Phytophthora

Entomopathogenic Fungi prefer damp, especially heavy rain. Swimming spores destroy the leaflets and medium-old leaf so it is rotten and falls and accumulates on the ground. When it gives fruit, wind and rain carry the fungi to the fruit and makes it cracks and be rotten. Then, the fruit falls to the bole of tree and becomes the source of pathogen and destroys the tree in the following season.

Prevention and Elimination

1.Use Tabox (stop falling) 300 cc. or Kumine 400-500 g. In the event of infected leaf falls under the canopy, collect and burn it as the fungi can be alive over the season in the proper condition. Therefore, it might be inflected in the following season (usage rate is per 200 ltr. of water).

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